Psoriasis is a health niche with a HUGE opportunity.
It's a very disturbing skin issue that everyone hates and wants to solve.
About 2% of the world population is suffering from it.
7.5 million people in the United States alone.
Psoriasis is the most prevalent autoimmune disease in the U.S.
Patients spend thousands of dollars each year on it.

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Subject line 1: The TRUTH About Psoriasis
Subject line 2: Psoriasis Secrets That You’ve Been Kept Away From

Hi [fname],

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from psoriasis then you need to watch this video right now:

Watch the free video

In this free video you will learn:

- Why almost everything you've been told about psoriasis by conventional skincare specialist is absolutely wrong

- Few powerful psoriasis secrets that can improve your condition significantly starting from today

- 3 popular psoriasis myths that are not allowing you to have a normal clear skin

Watch the video now

The truth about psoriasis will SHOCK you!

You can thank me later...

Take care,
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Subject line 1: 3 Common Lies About Psoriasis
Subject line 2: Busted! 3 Mainstream Psoriasis Myths

Hi, it's NAME...

I hate to be a naysayer but if you are suffering from psoriasis and you really want to see improvement or even complete clearance of then you need to stop buying into these 3 very popular myths about it:

3 Psoriasis Myths

This is the real reason why you are suffering every day...
You've been lied for years about your condition.

These 3 myths are keeping you from having the skin you desire and deserve!

If you buy into these lies your chances of eliminating psoriasis will be slim to none, you will have even worse skin and deeper problems…

Watch this presentation ( and you will know all 3 big myths.

From now on you can focus on what really works so you can see a real progress!.

Take care,
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Subject line 1: New Method Defeats Psoriasis
Subject line 2: How To Clear Your Psoriasis Completely

Hi, [fname]

If you have psoriasis, you need to see this:

Video: How to Clear Your Psoriasis Completely

In this free video you will learn about a new method that will assist you to defeat your psoriasis so you can enjoy having a normal clear skin.

It's 100% safe and natural.
It does not involve any drugs.
And it's affordable for anyone.

But most importantly... It works!

Watch the video now

There is no risk for you.

Don't wait, jump on it, try it while you can...
You don't want to delay your success.

Take care,
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Subject line 1: Psoriasis gone in 8 weeks?
Subject line 2: Finally possible! Clear your skin of psoriasis in less than 60 days

Are you dealing with psoriasis?

If you do, you know how difficult it is to achieve even a small progress with it, not to mention complete elimination...

You've probably heard that once you have its going to stay there because is no cure for it.

However, there is hope for you...

Let me reveal to you one little known fact about psoriasis and all other similar skin issues...

You don't need to cure them in order to get rid of them.

How is that?
See, most skin conditions are not actually skin problems. They are a result of inner body problems. Psoriasis is no exception.

So when that's the case, trying to "cure" your skin (your psoriasis in particular) is plain stupid and ineffective.

No wonder why nothing works.

If you want something that works, you need to focus on the root causes of the disease that are not on the top of your skin.

When you do that, you can actually stop the inner processes that result in flakes and redness on your skin and therefor clear all the psoriasis symptoms.

And because skin cells change fast, you can experience phenomenal results in as little as 4 to 8 weeks!

It's all explained in the presentation below:

Watch The Free Video Presentations

That means that 8 weeks from now you don't have to have psoriasis.

All you have to do is follow the tips from the video to which you have link here.

Remember, you've been suffering enough.
It's time to take real action and free yourself from the ugly itching skin.

Click here to watch the video

Just watch carefully and take notes.

Take care,
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Subject line 1: This New Diet Will Make Your Psoriasis Disappear
Subject line 2: Man defeats psoriasis after 12 years of suffering

Have you seen this?

Forget all conventional treatments for psoriasis!
They don't work.

This man had tried them all with no success for 12 years until he stumbled upon a much better alternative.

Click here to watch his story

The alternative turns out to be a new diet.
Yes, a simple nutritional plan. And it works better than anything the mainstream skincare industry can offer you.

It is hard to believe at first but he actually explains very well why it works.
In short, this new diet addresses the root causes of the problem which are inner body issues and they are all related to nutrition.

It's really fascinating!

You've probably tried all kinds of lotions, creams, steroids, etc. Stop them! Don't waste your money.

All you have to do from now on is to follow a simple food regime.
Sure, you will need a little discipline and its well worth it.

Watch the video now

There is nothing you can lose here, only a lot to gain.

You CAN have a normal skin.

Think of all the positives that come from not having to deal with psoriasis.

Take care,
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